Google San Bruno (YouTube)

Every viral video starts somewhere. At the San Bruno offices of YouTube, everyone from our all-star engineers to our sales specialists help users share their stories with the world. From here, we’ve kicked-off campaigns to address bullying, shared groundbreaking documentary films, reimagined a model for education, and given voice to struggling communities across the planet. And, of course, we never miss the chance to spotlight that next amazing Beyoncé video.


Want scale? We serve 4 billion video views every day.

Most of our YouTubers (aka: YouTube Googlers) are engineers, working on everything from site search and infrastructure to content channels and ad products.

Our teams work with advertisers to help build their brands on YouTube and with content creators to develop unique and engaging programming.


Number of YouTubers: a little more than the sum of the cubes of the first seven integers.

Some of our conference rooms are named: Sonic the Hedgehog, NSFW, Chuck Norris.

Hours of video watched each month: Over 6 billion (that's an hour for about 85% of people on Earth)


YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066
Phone: (650) 253-0000

Inside Google San Bruno (YouTube)

Since 1998, Google has been growing and changing along with Internet, so it’s strange to think that YouTube wasn’t around even a decade ago. Today, we’re streaming millions of hours of video to users around the world. Whether it’s a record-breaking live broadcast or a classic Rickroll, we’re at the intersection of digital and popular culture. Add our start-up-like culture—transparent and collaborative, with a shoot-for-the-moon approach to innovation—and it’s easy to see why we like working here.

San Bruno is home to hundreds of YouTubers on both Engineering and Sales teams. On the tech end, the majority of YouTubers are computer and software engineers working on making the website better, faster and more functional for our millions of daily visitors. Our Sales teams partner with the businesses who make us part of their digital advertising, marketing and media strategy. They also work with content creators who want to share their humor, creativity and passion with a global audience.

Then there’s our office. We took some cues from the YouTube website itself when designing our office. Almost everywhere you look you can find couches, columns, walls and archways in the signature red of the YouTube “lozenge” (a.k.a. our play button logo).

Located between San Francisco and Mountain View, our office is LEED Platinum-certified and is full of fun features: a putting green, rock climbing wall, a three-lane lap pool, and (if you’re really running late for that meeting) a big red slide between floors. Outside, YouTubers can play pickup games on our basketball court, take a stroll in the eucalyptus grove, go for broke in our horseshoe pit or recharge with a few rounds of Frisbee golf. If you’re feeling peckish, we’ve got you covered—but make sure to get in line early for fancy pizza Fridays.

Hundreds of millions of people visit our site every day, for inspiration, education, news and entertainment. Want a workplace where you can go beyond talking about change to actually making it happen where fun is a feature, not a bug? Let’s talk.

Google San Bruno (YouTube): Frequently Asked Questions

What do YouTubers work on?

We’ve worked on everything from building content channels to launching new tools for educators and nonprofit organizations. We’ve implemented programs like NextUp and the YouTube Creator Institute to help content partners develop better videos and earn more money. We’ve streamed a U2 concert, the CNN/YouTube Presidential Debates and the Coachella Music Festival. We’re working with nearly 100 partners—including VICE News, Ashton Kutcher, Madonna, Jay-Z, Deepak Chopra, Lionsgate, Pitchfork Media, TED Conferences, the Onion and the Wall Street Journal—to launch channels of original content. And thanks to one of our engineers, who drove the project using 20% time, we’ve even launched a 3D channel. From engineering to sales, initiatives like these require lots of hard work—and lots of collaboration.

Why is YouTube a great place to work?

Just being at YouTube means our office is always abuzz with the latest in pop culture. From Lady Gaga to the Annoying Orange, we’ve seen the video. Also, our building is awesome. One of the first green buildings in the U.S., it was designed by sustainability guru Bill McDonough, and uses materials gathered from the eucalyptus grove nestled in our backyard. Inside, we showcase art by local artists and our own YouTubers. And then there’s our culture—we bring together really smart people who work fast and with passion. There’s lots of transparency and all of us can make an impact on our product. We enjoy the tremendous resources Google has to offer, and are fortunate enough to have so much great stuff in an office that’s small enough that we all know each other. At YouTube collaboration is easy. Also? Our pastry chef is so good that people threaten to quit when she goes on vacation.

What is YouTube doing to make the Internet–and the world–a better place?

First and foremost, we empower hundreds of millions of people to connect and share information, entertainment and inspiration. Viewers come to YouTube to watch everything from music videos, stand-up comedy and guitar lessons to documentary films and behind we give content creators a way to reach millions of people instantly. We even won a 2008 Peabody Award for outstanding achievement in electronic media. Beyond that, we have given more than $40 million in charitable donations across the Bay Area, than 20,000 charitable organizations free benefits like increased uploading capability, enhanced branding opportunities and call-to-action functionality. Some of them, like Khan Academy, Greenpeace and UNICEF, have attracted more than 10 million views. We also help lots of local nonprofits through our work with GoogleServe.

What do YouTubers do for fun?

We have fun off-sites, from ski trips to San Francisco Giants games. We throw social events at our in-office tiki bar, and play billiards in our other office sports bar. We have dance parties in our courtyard, and sometimes the Jambulance mobile DJ booth owned by one of our engineers will make an appearance. And we get to meet everybody who visits the office, from Rebecca Black, Panic! at the Disco and Lenny Kravitz to Margaret Cho, Aziz Ansari and Jonah Hill.

Life at Google San Bruno (YouTube)

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